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The No Formula Podcast is now The Marketing Bound Podcast

Why is it changing?

As a host, I LOVED interviewing entrepreneurs with different stories and experiences but it didn't serve my major goal of being a resource for entrepreneurs. People enjoy learning about their journeys and expertise, but I wasn't helping enough people. I know people loved the episodes so they will remain live under the Marketing Bound Brand. However, starting in 2021, we will shift our focus to discuss inbound marketing strategies for service-based entrepreneurs. WHY?


What is inbound marketing?
Inbound marketing includes blogging, content creation, social media, public relations, branding, email marketing and more. These are marketing strategies entrepreneurs spend a lot of time on!


Why you should join the community

The Marketing Bound Podcast is for service-based entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses through inbound marketing strategies. Other than interviewing inbound marketing experts, the goal is to create blogs, webinars, and ebooks to help entrepreneurs as well. Everything you need to grow your business will be in one place. Here!

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Lessons Learned from Entrepreneurs

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