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Resources for Entrepreneurs

I compiled a list of helpful resources for entrepreneurs. I have used or tried each recommendation. Note, some links may be an affiliate link. This is at no extra charge to you but does help The No Formula Podcast when you purchase anything through the links specified below.


I just started using ClickUp. It's a personal/business management tool. I use it to manage my projects and it helps me keep track of what needs to be done. There are so many awesome features to collaborate if you have a team. Personally, I like how easy it is to use, the clean interface, and the options you have to organize your projects the way YOU want. Learn more here.

BenchmarkONE is basically an affordable Hubspot. All your marketing needs, including sales, in one spot. It's easy to use and affordable for small businesses who need to streamline and manage processes in one place. Check it out here.

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I was looking for a social media management tool when I found SocialPilot. I scheduled a demo with them and I was amazed at the capabilities of this tool. It's ideal for Marketing Entrepreneurs who manage multiple social media accounts for clients. I do not have enough clients to use it yet but I am very excited to get there. If you are looking for a similar tool, check it out here.

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Translate your text into a video with Lumen5. Done in minutes! Check it out here.

I use Canva to create my promotional material and graphics that my guests use to promote their episodes. Take a look here.


I use HelloSign, an esignature platform that is legally binding. I upload the Podcast's Release Form and send it to guests to sign. It's so easy to use and very helpful for all parties involved. No one has to print any paper! Check it out here.


There are very popular survey platforms that just do not have the functionality that I was looking for. Then I found SurveySparrow. I was actually one of the first people who used it. I even have a testimonial on their website. It's such a great platform to create and share surveys. They have this one feature that embeds the first question into the email. That helped us increase response rates by 50%! If you have surveys to send out (customers, internal, research) consider SurveySparrow. You can check it out here.

I use to help transcribe my interview. Get the link here.

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