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10 Lessons from 7 Podcasters

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

10 Podcast Lessons from 7 Podcasters

I reached out to fellow podcasters with one question: "What have you learned from being a podcaster?" Without further ado, here are 10 lessons from 7 podcasters. You can watch the video here or keep reading for the transcript of the video.

Host of All About The Hype, Kyle Kaplanis

Hello, my name is Kyle Kaplanis and I'm the host of All About The Hype Podcast. One thing I've learned from doing podcasts is to not overthink it. Just have fun with it. Let the conversation flow naturally and that will create some of the best content for your podcast.

Hosts of Wine Chats Podcast, Lyndsey and Billi

Hey guys Wine Chats Podcast here. I'm Lyndsey and I'm Billi and here are our top podcasting tips. Number one social media it is king. Queen. Whatever you want it to be, it's going to be at the top of your list. Yes. It's time-consuming. So maybe just start out with two or three platforms, but then keep adding as you go. So obviously Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn just keep adding and adding it's so important. Totally. And it's also important for tip number two, which is networking get your little tushy out there and network. You need to get your name out there of your podcast. You need to meet new people who are going to spread that good word about you. Network your butt away! And this is really silly but make sure your equipment is set up properly. For the first six weeks, we actually had our mic facing the wall, not our mouths. Sounds simple,

but make sure they're plugged in properly everything's set up properly. Totally. And the last one is have fun. This is what's gonna get people coming back to your podcast has that wonderful personality you have so make sure you just have a blast and that's it.

Host of The Road to the IPO Podcast, Hugo Prince

Hello everyone. My name is Hugo Prince. I'm the host of the Road to the IPO Podcast and The Influence Me Podcast. I have been doing podcasting since 2017 and I do it in three languages Spanish French and English. For me podcast has helped me grow my network. It's incredible the number of people I have met but also the number of people are happy connect on social media because I publish those podcast on social media. Whatever is Facebook LinkedIn Instagram, so I have connect with a lot of people because of that. So I think it's a good way to grow your network.

If you do a podcast maybe because a lot of people they don't have time to connect with you but you offer them something. They will say yes, so it's a good way to grow your network.

Host of Innovation Made Easy, Chiara Covone

Hey, my name is Chiara Covone and I am the host of the podcast called Innovation Made Easy Podcast. My podcast is really about empowering leaders and folding leadership wisdom to inspire any leader to be at their best self. But also have a very balanced life and work-life balance that works for you. What I've learned from this journey of being a podcaster is really the connection with people. I have guests and sometimes often actually top just express my thoughts and my learnings in the podcast and really being able to engage with my audience at a very different level in a much more human way with my voice with my personality versus what I can do in a written format with a blog or another form format of Content creation.

Host of Alain Guillot Podcast, Alain Guillot

Hello, this is Alain from the Alain Guillot Podcast. A podcast about personal development and Entrepreneurship. I have been podcasting for about two and a half years right now and on to the moment, I have recorded and published a hundred and fifty-Seven interviews. I speak with economies, authors, speakers, Business Leaders, and entrepreneurs and if you have an interesting story to share I will be delighted to have a conversation with you as well. The one thing that I have learned the most with my podcast is how to become a better communicator and the other added benefit of this podcast is that I have been able to build an amazing relationship, especially with other podcasters such as Laura. Laura, Thank you so much for having me here.

Host of The No Formula Podcast, Laura L. Bernhard

I'm Laura L. Bernhard and I'm the host of The No Formula Podcast. There are two things I learned from becoming a podcaster. First is the power of consistency and building the community of listeners for the podcast and second is accountability. When I first got the idea to start the podcast. I immediately reached out to two entrepreneurs to be guests on The No Formula Podcast And just 24 hours after I realized that there was already another podcast that had the name that I wanted to name my podcast and in that moment as silly as it sounds I was about to give up. I said maybe this isn't for me. Maybe This is a sign that I should stop but because I had asked those two entrepreneurs to be on the podcast and they agreed they were holding me accountable to stay true to my word and to continue with the project. And that's when I realized that accountability is super powerful. So if you're working on a project tell someone about it and make sure they hold you accountable.

Summary of Lessons

1) Don't Overthink It

2) Use Social Media to Grow your Audience

3) Set Up Equipment Properly

4) Show off Your Personality

5) Great Networking Tool

6) Better Way to Engage with Audience

7) Improve Communication Skills

8) Power of Consistency

9) Power of Accountability

10) Have Fun!

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