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5 PR Tips For Founders

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

This post was written by Jessica Barlow, Founder of the No Agency Method, where she teaches founders how to do their own public relations (PR). She helps small businesses and founders save thousands of dollars on PR outreach all while getting them results. Jessica’s work has been featured in Business Insider, refinery29, and even got Barack Obama to say things that she wrote. In this blog, she reveals her top 5 PR tips to help you get covered in the press.

You can also watch our interview on YouTube where she provides even more tips.

1. Nail your personal brand and founder story

Your personal brand is how you as a person appear online, think of it as Brand You. In “Brand You” - how do you show up on LinkedIn? How do you send emails? How do you look at promotional photos? Remember seeing Steve Jobs only in a turtleneck by Issey Miyake - that was his personal brand, there was a story behind it. He wanted less decision fatigue from making choices all day, so clothes were something he didn't think about. What’s your personal brand? What are your stories? This is also closely connected to your "founder story". Why did you start the business? Who are you helping? What pain point are you solving? Who are you speaking to?

2. Don’t forget, you’re the expert

Founders often shy away from PR thinking “What do I know?” or “Who am I to talk about this?” - forget that, a new mindset needed. What you absolutely must remember is that YOU are ALREADY the expert in your own business. You know all the details, all the reasons it exists, all the quirks of how and why you run your business. You are the expert, that will never change. So, once you remember that, and you lean into that energy you’ll be far more comfortable in front of the camera, giving interviews or working on your own PR. You’ve got a gift, you’ve got a story, you’ve got expertise - share it with the world!

3. Remember that any interview/opportunity starts from the moment you walk in the room

If you’re lucky enough to be asked to do an interview, it could be a podcast or a blog post or even a national paper - well done! Now you’ve got to nail it. So, remember that as soon as you walk into the room, join the zoom call or pick up the phone - THAT is when the interview starts. Your first impression counts, so don’t be rude to a waitress or late to the meeting.

4. Embrace your local/regional press

A lot of attention is paid to nationwide press or biggies like the New York Times. But this isn’t the be-all and end-all of the press coverage. Challenge yourself to seek out your local and regional press, local newspapers in your town/city you operate in, or even neighborhood. This press is usually easier to reach, and you’re reaching your local community to strengthen your brand awareness. It’s a win-win.

5. Make it easy for journalists to write about you

If it’s relevant for your business, think about putting an easily accessible media kit on your website. This acts as a place where the press can source the basic info about you (eg. the story of why your business exists, the founders, how it works, etc) - as well as a logo and any press-friendly imagery. Putting this online means you save a journalist time which equals a higher chance of getting press coverage! 

Find out more about Jessica's story and get more PR tips by listening to our interview.

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