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Top 5 Episodes on The No Formula Podcast in 2020

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

People ask me which is the BEST episode on The No Formula Podcast. I honestly do not have a response for them. I choose the guests based on whether or not I think they can provide value to the listeners. So, I think they're all great. However, no matter who the guest is, listenership varies from week to week. The older the episode, the more time it has to gain listeners. I decided to look into the analytics to reveal the top 5 episodes based on the number of listens/downloads (all time).

Top 5 Episodes on The No Formula Podcast

5. Commercializing AI Solutions

Coming in at number 5 is the AI company, Zetane Systems. It's episode 11 and was aired on March 10th of 2020. It's called How to Get Funding, with the Founders of Zetane Systems because we chat about the roller coaster is was for the team to get funding. It took years of product validation and not getting a salary for years until 2020 when they got funding to make Zetane commercially available.

This was the first live episode that had three guests at the same time. As a host, it was challenging to make sure each guest got time to voice their experience and their expertise. In the end, the episode was well-received and listeners were very interested in their story. It was also a blast working with them and their marketing director. They even sent me a card to thank me for helping share their story!

4. Tik Tok Profile Turned into Profitable Business

Coming in at number 4 is with TikTok star Jayde Vincent and her step-dad and business partner, Kyle Kaplanis. For reference, it is episode 26 and it's called Take Off with TikTok with Jayde Vincent and Kyle Kaplanis. It was released on May 5th, 2020.

This interview was actually supposed to only be with Jayde, however; he was helping her set up the equipment when I asked him to join. It was an impromptu decision that was quite beneficial. Jayde provided the user perspective of TikTok and Kyle provided the parent perspective. Together, they told me how they built multiple streams of revenue from being on TikTok. You can read about their story here.

3. Help from a Therapist When COVID Hit

In all honesty, I did not know how to react to the pandemic when we first went into lockdown. My method of coping was to dive into work. So, I scheduled 10 interviews within a 3 week period. I focused on reaching out to anyone who could help my listeners go through this rough time. At this time, it didn't matter if the guests were entrepreneurs as long as they could provide a unique perspective on the pandemic. As a result, episode 13, called, We're coping with COVID Better than we think, with Luz Marina Lopez is the result of this initiative. It was released on March 18, 2020. Plus, Luz happens to be an entrepreneur. And as you can see, this interview is still in the top 5 episodes in 2020. I'm very glad it was helpful to the listeners. In my opinion, it is still helpful for anyone who is going through a rough time. We discuss anxiety, how we deal with the unknown and Luz Marina reveals coping mechanisms with it all.

Watch the episode with Luz Marina right below.

2. She Started a Business So She Could Travel

Coming in at number 2 is How Lea Turner's Passion Drove Her Success. this is episode 37. It was released on July 14, 2020. If you noticed, this episode is a lot more recent then the other episodes, yet it reached a large audience. We recorded this episode in the middle of the pandemic. Before the interview, she told me how she was dressed up as Madonna to go to a virtual get-together. It's the only episode I regret not recording on camera!

In this episode, we chat about how Lea grew a huge LinkedIn audience. The UK-based has a loyal following on the platform. We review how it changed her whole life. She tells me about building customer relationships in her transcribing business. She also tells me about how she built a business to fund her traveling expenses.

1. B2B Sales Tips

Drum roll, please! The number one episode (in terms of the most listens) on The No Formula Podcast is Episode 18: B2B Sales During The Pandemic, with Jason Bay. As part of the pandemic series I was talking about before, I reached out to Jason to chat about sales during the pandemic. The episode aired on March 28, 2020, and it is also the most-watched episode on The No Formula Podcast YouTube channel.

In the episode, he reminds us that selling should not stop at this time. However, the concept of providing value to your customers and prospects is more important than ever. Overall, this episode provides valuable sales tips regardless of a pandemic. Jason guides us through how he would approach sales for a service agency as well as a software business. He even identifies the underlying problem as to why people get sales wrong.

Get Jason's sales tips by watching the interview below.

Other fun facts:

  • Most listened/downloaded episode per month is different from the list above. The list above is of all time

  • Surprisingly, as time passes, the listens of the episodes don't always go up

  • A large part of an episode staying relevant is the promotional effort

Let me know what you think about the top 5 episodes in the comments below!

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